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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Since the 1950s, American women have been less respected in the society. The image of a typical 50s woman was a happy housewife who cooked the food, cleaned the house, and watched the children. It is sad to say that, few women received a higher-level education. After high school, many of girls stayed home while their husbands worked to support the family.

Through my eyes, in the 1950s education was the fundamental part of gender construction. The ratio of men to women going to college was 9:1.

Here is a quote that I've found from a woman who lived through 1950 unfair education policy.

"Women who failed to conform to the June Cleaver/Margaret Anderson role of housewife and mother were severely criticized. A 1947 bestselling book, The Modern Woman, called feminism a "deep illness," labeled the idea of an independent woman a "contradiction in terms," and explained that women who wanted equal pay and equal educational opportunities were engaged in a "ritualistic castration" of men."

It is proven that women did not have the opportunities they have today and no, I'm not a feminist at heart, but detest unfairness. Thank God, that the ideas about the mental, economic, and social purposes of women in America are no longer the same as they were four decades ago.


72e68c8a-7973-11e2-9d82-000bcdcb5194 said...

It's irks me that you say "no, I'm not a feminist at heart, but detest unfairness." Being a feminist means that you demand fairness and equality. You can see the residual effects the ideas portrayed in that 1947 book have had today; the word "feminism" still carries a harsh stigma. You're a feminist. Don't be ashamed.

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