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Monday, December 8, 2008

Fashion in the 1950s

Fashion in the 1950s revolved around Gender Roles. Gender Roles affected all ages from youths to adults.

During this era, many of the youths had expectations for being a "real man or woman." The youths conformed to be like the expected one. Guys had to be "macho" and girls had to be 
"feminine." Their wasn't any middle between them. The attire they wore helped them to conform or fit in to their gender roles. 

Men Fashion:

The attire:
The guys wore leather jackets to help them attract girls. The collar of the black leather jacket must be turned up to be a “hep”. But one thing that the guys back in the 50's wont let go of was his Leather Jacket and his comb!

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The hair:
The haircut would be called the “ducktail” or more commonly known as the DA. To accomplish this look you would need a lot of grease or hairspray! Only guys that had a cause ( rebels ) did this style.

Then we had the "Good-Guy look"
Not all the boys wore leather. Some boys liked innocent look. This was considered 'clean cut'. Most of these boys wore a letter sweater and penny loafers.

Women Fashion:

Poodle skirts were very popular. Young teenagers and women wore them. It is a wide swing skirt with a fabric poodle placed on the bottom part of the skirt. Another type of skirt was the pencil skirt ( Yes, we brought it back) ! No wardrobe was complete without a pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are long below the knee and not wide as the poodle skirts are. They're very tight together to your legs. None the less the girls looked great.

Black Pencil Skirt Pictures, Images and Photos <------( Transition to today )
50s fashion Pictures, Images and Photos <------ ( Actual Attire)


Nothing was more poplar then the saddle shoes. Even though they were very heavy and rather stiff. They were black and white and looked like a sneaker. They were huge heels that looked like dancing shoes. They were really pretty! Another fashion shoe was the ballet slipper. It was the popular choice and was often worn with cutie white socks!

None the less..... Styles in the 50's were like no other. The girls dressed to impress the boys and the boys tried to impress the girls.